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Understanding Photon Cloud

Photon is a real-time multiplayer game development framework that is fast, lean and flexible. Photon consists of a server and several client SDKs for major platforms. Photon Cloud is a fully managed service of Photon Servers. Exit Games is running servers in several regions, ready to use anytime. No install and no hosting operations for you.

Global Low Latency

Exit Games is running several regional clusters of the Photon Cloud to offer low latency gaming around the globe. Make use of our servers in the USA, Europe and Asia to minimize lag for your players.

Almost any Platform: Web, Mobile, PC

Photon connects your community - no matter which platform they are using. All client SDKs can interact with each other, no matter if iOS, Android, Web or standalone. If needed, you can still group them.

Gaming Features

The Photon Cloud uses a room-based approach to gaming: A limited number of players get together and update each other with in-game data like positions, etc. All of that is client-driven. The client APIs offer simple but powerful options for matchmaking and data exchange for real-time gameplay.

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